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Challenge Coins

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Custom Challenge Coins

Custom Challenge Coins

What is a Challenge Coin?

A Challenge Coin is small two sided coin or medallion that bears a logo or insignia of a particular organization. The purpose of a challenge coin is to show affiliation or membership with an entity such a military unit, club, law enforcement, fire department, and so on. Coins also make for a perfect commemorative item or gift that can be displayed in many ways. 


    Custom Coin Orders Include

Military Challenge Coins

Military Challenge Coins

Military Coins have been a part of the military since World War I. Military units began using challenge coins as a way of claiming membership to a specific unit. In practice, you “challenge” someone to see proof of their military affiliation. Challenge coins have become a common item for many platoons, squadrons, battalions, special ops, and just about any military branch or segment. We even carry a wide selection of in-stock challenge coins ready for immediate shipment that represent all the branches of the military and many specialties. Shop In-Stock Military Coins


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Custom Coins and Challenge Coins

Custom Coins for Business and Organizations

Challenge coins have made their way into the business world as Custom Coins bearing a corporate logo and message. Many organizations today use coins as a way to commemorate anniversaries, recognize employees, or as trade show giveaways. Our skilled designers can create a custom coin for your company or organization free of charge.

Mold fees may apply. Mold fees vary based on size of coin, complexity of design and number of sides. Please request a quote for complete details.


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Challenge Coin Edge Options

 Challenge Coin Presentation Options

In Stock Military Coins and Challenge Coins -

We offer a wide selection of in-stock and ready to ship Military Coins and Challenge Coins designed for all military branches and support groups.

In Stock Military Challenge Coins

Stock Challenge Coins

In Stock & Ready To Ship - 1 Piece Minimum! 

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