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    Nursing Pins and The History of Nursing Pinning Ceremonies

    Nursing is one of the most challenging careers a person can embark upon. The training and studying involved in getting your nursing degree is arduous and can take years to complete. Not to mention that once licensed, a nurse’s average work day is 12 hours long, sometimes more. There are very few more deserving professions to celebrate, reward, and recognize than nursing.

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    Safety incentive programs - Reward and motivate with lapel pins

    Safety is a high priority issue. Working in physical jobs, like construction or factory work, obviously requires many detailed safety procedures to prevent injury and to maintain the work flow. But even in an office environment, safety should always be a priority. There should be carefully laid out plans in case of emergencies, and easily accessible first aid kits throughout the office.

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    Fundraising with Lapel Pins

    In today's economy, businesses must work harder to ensure their operation remains in the black. Whether you are a civic organization, an educational center or a for-profit operation looking for new ways to increase your business's bottom line, a universal solution to monetary issues includes fundraising initiatives that not only bring in money, but raise awareness for your organization or cause. Unfortunately, one of the biggest struggles when coordinating a fundraiser is finding items that are ​

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    Lanyards - one of the most versatile promotional pieces out there - and with good reason!

    You see them everywhere on college campuses. They’re rampant at trade shows. They’re vital to have around your neck when you’re trying to get backstage at a concert or a sporting event. Lanyards - one of the most versatile promotional pieces out there - and with good reason: they‘re inexpensive to create, are customizable in numerous ways, and they serve a functional purpose - not just a promotional one. They’re simply a must have for any group out there trying to build brand recognition.

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    Military Pins and their role in the history of the modern lapel pin

    Wearing a lapel pin has become a common expression of patriotism and allegiance. Be it the traditional American flag pin, or something more specific to the cause, such as a Marine Corps pin, these remembrances are not only a common sight in our American culture; they’re also a comfort to those who see and wear them. But surprisingly, their prominence in our society only goes as far back as the Civil War.

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    How Lapel Pins Promote Your Business, Advertise Your Brand, And Recognize Your Employees

    Multi-tasking is essential. With so much to do and often not enough time or resources to achieve deliverables, organizations must think harder and smarter about accomplishing major goals. Companies are looking for clever ways to promote their businesses, increase brand awareness, and recognize employees. Fortunately, there is a simple solution that does all three: lapel pins.

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    6 Easy Tips for Designing a Great Pin

    Designing a great lapel pin is different than creating artwork that will look good in print or on-line. With pin design your dealing with a much smaller template that has its own challenges; now add to that the fact that pins are made of metal, not ink and paper. The 6 tips below will give you the tools and guidelines that our designers here at PinMart use on a daily basis when designing lapel pins.​

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    The Modern History of Awareness Ribbons

    Napoleon Bonaparte once said: “A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon,” so it shouldn’t seem strange that awareness ribbons have a modern history that begins in the recognition of a soldier.

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    Employee Recognition Programs - Getting Started

    Starting an employee recognition program can boost morale in any company. They say that no good deed goes unpunished, but what if you could make the opposite statement true – what if suddenly you could begin recognizing each and every one of your employees when they go above and beyond the call of duty? What could this simple change in policy do to revolutionize your employee motivation, pursuit of excellence and job satisfaction?

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