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Challenge Coin FAQs

  • What is a challenge coin?

    A Challenge Coin is a small two-sided coin or medallion that bears a logo or insignia of a particular organization. The purpose of a custom challenge coin is to show affiliation or membership with an entity such as a military unit, club, law enforcement, fire department, or given for achievement. Challenge coins make for a perfect commemorative item or gift that can be displayed in many ways. Create a lasting bond when you give a custom challenge coin.

  • What is the origin of challenge coins?

    The term challenge coin has multiple origin stories, all filled with rich military history. In addition to the U.S. Army Air Service story, wherein U.S. Army Air Service volunteers were the first to receive challenge coins, another backstory dictates who picks up the tab. Military lore indicates that individuals would need to show a challenge coin to prove their association with the military. If you were challenged and did not have a coin to show your membership, you would have to buy the challenger a drink. This practice led to the term challenge coin, as members were challenged to prove their affiliation. The tradition of military challenge coins persists widely today and has even led some units to create their own custom challenge coins.

  • Can civilians have challenge coins made?

    Yes! While they may trace their history to the military, custom challenge coins aren't exclusive to military units; they've made their way into the business world as custom coins bearing a corporate logo and message. Many businesses and volunteer organizations now use custom challenge coins to commemorate anniversaries, recognize an achievement, or as trade show giveaways. Coins are a sign of membership and unity, and creating a custom challenge coin design for your organization makes them unique tokens.

  • How do I engrave a challenge coin?

    Simply choose a challenge coin design you love. Each coin design may have a different number of characters allowed per line. Keep in mind that spaces and punctuation count as well. You can add any message you want; but many people include the person’s name, important dates, or special motto. Be sure to review your text carefully. Simply click on the engrave button and fields will open for you to write your message. Once you have completed your message, click to approve and checkout as normal. It is that easy!

  • How Much Do Engraved Challenge Coins Cost?

    Engraved challenge coins start at $16.98 with engraving. You can also choose not to engrave the coin for a lower cost. Price depends on the type of coin, the metals used and if it is officially licensed by the military.

Collecting Challenge Coins

How to Display Challenge Coins

Displaying your challenge coin collection is a great way to honor their significance and share their stories with others. Learn how to showcase your coins in a way that reflects your style and highlights their beauty.

Why Collect Challenge Coins?

Challenge coins mark significant events, such as deployments, retirements, promotions, or distinctions in employment. Typically, engraved coins are the most highly prized. Read more to learn how to start collecting challenge coins today!

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