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Barber Shop Pole Pin


Size: 1-1/2"H x 5/8"W
SKU# S1742
Size: 1-1/2"H x 5/8"W
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Remember strolling downtown and looking up at the local barber shop pole sign as you are eating your favorite ice cream cone from the local dime store? This pin brings back memories of the past but is also a trendy symbol of the old style barber shops coming back to life in fashionable style. The close shave and warm cloth on your face, it's a tradition that you experienced as a child peeking in the window and remember as an adult. This pin is made of jeweler's metal, enamel filled with the traditional red, white and blue colors. It is nickel plated and epoxy coated to make it a cool replica pin. The included standard clutch back secures this pin in place on your garment, lapel, lanyard and I.D. Badge. Make this your designated pin for your new establishment or distribute to the group in a barbershop quartet!

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