Yellow Ribbon Pins

The yellow ribbon is the oldest type of awareness ribbon. During its long history, the yellow ribbon has remained a prominent symbol of support for those who serve in our country’s armed forces. Show your patriotism and your support for our troops with a yellow ribbon pin from PinMart!

What is a Yellow Ribbon Lapel Pin?

The yellow ribbon’s use as an awareness symbol can be reliably traced back to the early 1900’s, when a popular marching song referenced a wife who wore a yellow ribbon to honor her husband serving in the Army. This folk song later inspired the 1973 pop song “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree,” which used the yellow ribbon as a symbol to support a soldier returning home to his family after being a prisoner of war. In turn, this pop hit influenced families of the hostages during the Iran Hostage Crisis, who tied yellow ribbons around trees in their yards to show support for the hostages’ safe return. Since then, the yellow ribbon has become extremely popular as a show of support for all members of our armed forces who are bravely serving their country overseas.

Support Our Troops with Yellow Ribbon Pins

PinMart’s collection of yellow ribbon pins takes the powerful symbolism of the yellow ribbon and places it in a convenient pin that can be easily worn on your clothing or on accessories like a backpack. These pins are made out of jewelers-grade metals and high-quality enamels, making them a high-value item worthy of the cause they are supporting. Our yellow ribbon pins make a perfect gift for families of active-duty or veteran military personnel. Show your support for the brave men and women serving our country with a yellow ribbon pin today!

Inspire Action with PinMart

Show your support for our armed forces with a yellow ribbon pin. If you can’t find the exact pin you want in our inventory, learn about our custom pin offerings by calling us at 877-746-6278.

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